Apa yang Dibutuhkan bagi Daniel Negreanu untuk Melakukan Kembalinya Melawan Doug Polk

What’s it going to take for Daniel Negreanu to pull off a miraculous comeback against Doug Polk? Luck, skill, patience … certainly. But, mostly luck as he’s facing a daunting challenge to rally from a massive deficit with limited time remaining.

Daniel Negreanu remains a heavy underdog in his match against Doug Polk. (Image: YouTube/Jonathan Little)

Negreanu lost $26,198 during Friday’s session — Day 28. He now finds himself down by $629,882 through 16,500 hands with just 8,500 remaining.

For the GGPoker ambassador to pull off a stunning upset, he’ll need to win an average of one-fifth of a big blind per hand for the rest of the way. That wouldn’t be an easy task against an average grinder, but he’ll have to do it against arguably the best heads-up No-Limit Hold’em player ever.

So, for Negreanu to pull off a comeback that would rival the first Galfond Challenge in 2020, he’ll likely need Polk to be a bit off his game at times. Polk doesn’t make many mistakes, however. That’s why the luck factor may be needed for the Poker Hall of Famer to win this 25,000-hand, $200/$400 challenge.

Unfortunately, for “DNegs,” he can’t control the luck. If the cards come his way, they do. If the deck smacks Polk in the face like it has throughout much of this challenge, he’ll just have to take the loss. But Negreanu isn’t so far behind that he can’t make up the deficit if variance is on his side for the rest of the way.